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Our clinic is located in Thornbury opposite to St Mary Primary School, next to tram stop 40 on High Street.

Qualified Doctors

We also work closely with highly qualified dental lab technicians to customise your smile.

Emergency Service

We provide all types of dental services in general, advanced and cosmetic dentistry.

Health Care

Health care card holders and seniors recieve 10% discount on all treatments at our practice.

At Prime Dental Group Thornbury Dentist our mission is to provide professional dental services that are technologically current, with a commitment to excellence. Every patient is important to us. Our concern is that every patient is treated carefully with special attention to their comfort, their time and their needs. We strive to be of value to our patients with a goal to exceed their expectations. We have a highly-qualified dentist and offer affordable dental services tailored to your needs. We also provide emergency dental services. Call 0405 605 520 to book an appointment today.

Our clinic is established on principles of superior quality, trustworthy dental care services and patient education. We are conservative in our treatment plans that are based on sound, scientific evidence and customised in the way that works best for you.

Our professional kindhearted dental team works with our patients to approach dental care preventatively. Our dentists in Thornbury are committed to participating in continuing education courses so that we always bring you the most up-to-date advances that dentistry has to offer. We utilise advanced dental technologies to ensure more accuracy, faster recovery and gentle treatments. We strive to be a knowledgeable and reliable resource and never compromise on giving the community the best when it comes to dental care.

At PDG Thornbury dental clinic we are proud to offer quality dental care in Thornbury, Northcote, Preston and surrounding suburbs. We do offer wide range of services from general dentistry, teeth whitening, wisdom teeth extractions, invisalign aligner, inmanaligner, root canal, dental implant, advanced cosmetics, veneers and full mouth rehabilitation.

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Inman Aligners Cost, 50% less than Clear Braces. Straightening in 6-16 Weeks!

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Children’s Dentistry

Children Dentistry is provided by Prime Dental Group for better oral health for all kids.

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Dental Implants

If you have one or more missing teeth or will soon be having a tooth extracted.

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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal is a term that brings fear into most people, but usually unnecessarily.  When the nerve inside tooth becomes infected or dies, in order to save the tooth we need to remove the infected or dead nerves. This process of delicate cleaning inside the tooth and filling the space is known as root canal treatment.

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Free Consultation For

Cosmetic, orthodontic, whitening and denture consultation (offer not avilable for bookings via health engine website).

$100 Checkup, Scale & Clean

$100 Checkup, scale and clean, Limited time offer

(offer not avilable for bookings via health engine website).

Invisalign – Starting From $3500

All Invisalign options will be discussed in detail

Digital smile design provided upon your request

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Patient Testimonials

Everyone is so kind in this office. The state of the art equipment reassures even the most faint at heart. Dr Flora and her staff capture the best of modern dentistry as well as the vintage compassion that often seems lost to modern professional offices.


To be able to go to a dentist and feel so comfortable, has to be the best thing in the world. I’m not a fan going to see the dentist, but Dr. Flora has the be the best dentist I’ve been too. I’ve recently had my wisdom teeth extracted here, and the whole procedure was well performed. I had no pain, and recovery was quick. I’ve definitely found my new dentist, and I would recommend Dr. Flora to everyone. If you’re looking for a new dentist, go see Dr. Flora, you won’t regret it.

Luke Stratton

Dr. Flora is such a caring and welcoming person. I felt very comfortable to be in her hands. I had a few treatments done by Dr. Flora, and all treatments were painless. I would definitely recommend Flora and her well trained nurses.

Suzana Rosanna Djekic

My mum went to this clinic during her visit in Melbourne. She had to have a tricky root canal treatment. She always feared from root canal treatment but she felt very comfortable and experienced no complication during and after the treatment. They also put a crown on that tooth which she is very happy with. She is very grateful of what Dr Flora and her team did helping her get through all her treatments. They also gave her a treatment plan and treatment report for her regular dentist. Thank you for all you did for her as we were very worried about her once she was in tooth trouble.

Hiva Rad

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