Teeth Removal

Prime Dental Group, a leading dental clinic in Melbourne, prides ourselves on delivering world-class dental treatments to the people of High-Street and the surrounding suburbs for many years now. We have a team of experienced dentists who can handle the dentistry needs of the patients and help them maintain their smile.

We Can Help You With:

Teeth Whitening High-Street:

Having a white, bright smile can enhance both your appearance and confidence. We provide a wide range of teeth whitening treatments such as at-home and in-office procedures that can help you achieve bright smile in a pain-free way.

Veneers High-Street:

Our dental veneers are a great cosmetic option for people who want to improve discoloured, damaged, worn, misshapen or twisted teeth. With good oral hygiene, you can expect the veneers to last up to ten years or longer.

Root Canal High-Street:

We recommend root canal procedure to those patients who are dealing with severe symptoms such as pain or swelling due to infected tooth. This procedure is the last option available to save your natural tooth.

Wisdom Teeth Removal High-Street:

If your wisdom tooth has not come through or it is growing at an appropriate angle, you should have it removed. We provide wisdom tooth removal that involves a surgical procedure to remove one or more impacted wisdom teeth.

Dental Implants High-Street:

Dental implants are replacement tooth roots that provide a strong foundation for permanent or removable replacement/artificial teeth that are custom-made to match your natural teeth.

Invisalign High-Street:

Invisaligns are clear, comfortable and thin braces that are meant to achieve perfect straight smile. Unlike traditional metal braces, they are removable, making brushing and flossing your teeth much easier.

Children’s Dentistry High-Street:

Our dental clinic near High-Street has child-focused dentists who make the visit more enjoyable for kids and relaxing for the parents.

Whether you require specific dental treatment or just need a routine check-up, call 03 9440 9430 and schedule an appointment with our dentist near High Street.