preventive dentistry

Preventive Dentistry

During your visit to our dental clinic,

  • We will check your gums and teeth and discuss with you about any treatment you require.
  • We provide tailored oral health advice based your dental and medical history.
  • We will discuss with you about your diet other habits such as drinking, smoking in areas where related to oral and health. We provide you with preventive advice to maintain the optimum oral health.
  • We monitor and screen all our patients for oral pathologies and oral cancer.
  • We highly value educating our patients for oral health. Our advice is specific for every individual patient.
  • We will show you the best ways to brush and floss your teeth.
  • We will recommend the oral care products that are best for you.
  • We will perform ‘scale and polish’ that involves removing the built-up plaque and tartar from your teeth.
  • We work closely with other health professionals to ensure we all work towards a healthier you.
  • We know the importance of good sleep and effect of sleep apnea on oral and dental health. We help you with organizing sleep study to manage your sleep apnea causes and symptoms working with other specialists.

These services are provided to all our patients both new and existing in a systematic and consistent way.

Following the dental checkup, we will recommend treatment necessary to maintain a good oral health. For instance, if any of your teeth are cracked or in danger of breaking, we will recommend the right treatment for you.

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Who Can You Benefit From Our Preventive Dentistry?

Everyone can benefit from preventive dentistry. Particularly, children can benefit from preventive dental procedures which allow their newly developing teeth erupt healthier and stronger. In case of adults, preventive dentistry helps protecting their natural teeth from various dental issues and reduces the need for root canals, dental implantsfillings and other costly dental treatments. After all, a clean, healthy mouth improves your overall health.

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How Can Our Preventive Dentistry Help You?

Our preventive dentistry is aimed at preventing our patients from developing dental problems such as above.

  • Using the latest technology
  • Highly experienced doctors
  • 100% insurance support

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Other benefits:

  • Promote good dental habits
  • Routine X-Rays to monitor jaw and teeth development
  • Identify related dental issues and provide appropriate treatment
  • Fitting athletic mouth guards
  • Regular teeth cleaning and oral exams
  • Refer to other dental specialists if needed
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Treatment of gum disease

We recommend visiting dentist every 6 months for check-up, scale and clean. The reason is with regular dentist visit you keep your teeth and gum healthy and if any decay or any other problems with your oral health we find out in very early stages which ensures better prognoses for treatment.

When plaque and tartar remain around your teeth it causes gum inflammation or gingivitis. If gingivitis is not treated professionally then it potentially leads to more sever gum disease, decay and other oral health complications.

During our check-up and clean appointments, we perform a comprehensive oral and dental examination along with all screenings and x-rays where required. We discuss with you our examination outcome, provide you with oral health advice specific to you and also, we discuss the treatment options and treatment plan if any treatment required.

Our service is highly effective and professional, our patient always comments that by end of their appointment they know more about their oral health and they feel more motivated to look after their oral and dental health.

Fissure Sealant

Dental fissure sealants are a protective thin and tooth colored layer of BPA free dental material applied mainly on molar teeth. It works with blocking the grooves and crevices and creating a protective barrier on biting surfaces of these teeth as they are common locations where cavities starts. Fissure sealant is a very simple treatment and there is no need to prepare the tooth. This preventive treatment is suitable for both children and adults.

Children and family dentistry

We are proud of providing of providing our services to the families and their children in Thornbury and surrounding areas in Melbourne. From a simple regular dentist visit to trauma or emergency dental services both children and their parents walk out smiling that they felt comfortable and easier than they thought. We like watching our young patients growing up having healthy teeth and bright smile.

We provide all types of high-quality sport mouth guards and the best part is that you can choose your color and your pattern!

We Provide Medicare Child Dental Services To All Eligible Families.

If you would like to know more about our preventive dental procedures, you can call us on (03) 9440 9430 and talk to our dentists today.

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