Wisdom Tooth Removal

Teeth Removal

A tooth extraction is a dental procedure that involves removal of a tooth from its dental socket. At Prime Dental Group our objective is to preserve your natural teeth, but there are times when the diseased tooth cannot be saved and it is necessary to have the tooth extracted.

Here at Prime Dental Group, we have a team of professional dentist who have immense training and expertise to perform tooth extraction.

Our skill enable us to remove teeth and preserve as much bone as possible for future implant placement. Tooth extraction is performed under local anesthetic. However for our teeth removal services and all other services we have general anesthetic and sedation services available upon your request.

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At Prime Dental Group we guarantee exceptional service for wisdom teeth extractions in Thornbury and surroundings. We are able to accommodate you with local anesthetic or general anesthetic.

Irreparable Tooth Damage

When tooth is extensively broken or cavity reaches the nerve, it leads to infection. While root canal treatment can help treating the infection, tooth removal is performed if the infection is severe. This helps avoiding the infection from spreading to the adjacent teeth and other parts of your jaw structure.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is caused by build-up of sticky substance that is formed on your teeth after eating and becomes calculus if not removed. Though regular brushing, flossing and dentist visits helps prevent periodontal disease, in some cases when calculus not removed in a long term it may lead to the loosening of a tooth. Therefore tooth removal is a viable option to prevent infection and future dental problems.

Impacted Tooth

If your wisdom tooth is blocked from coming out, it gets impacted. If this impacted tooth is in a bad position, it is better to remove it as early as possible. This prevents damage to neighbouring teeth, gum tissue, bone and nerve. Impacted wisdom teeth can be source of ear ache, jaw ache, headache, halitosis, swelling and infection.

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Why Do We Recommend Teeth Removal?

Here at Prime Dental Group Thornbury, we also recommend teeth removal to eliminate overcrowding of teeth, retained baby teeth and after an accident or prior to Invisalign treatment.

 If you need more information on our tooth removal procedure, feel free to call our dentists on (03) 9440 9430.

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