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Dental Veneers

Is the appearance of your teeth getting you down? If so, you would benefit from dental veneers. Here at Prime Dental Group, we provide both porcelain and composite veneers that are meant for correcting cracked, chipped or poorly shaped/positioned teeth.  The veneers created by our experts provide the most aesthetic alternative to your natural tooth.

The veneers created by our experts provide the most aesthetic alternative to your natural tooth.

Dental veneers are non-invasive treatment that require no or minimal tooth preparation. The procedure is usually painless and most cases do not even need local anesthetic.

Types of Veneers

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin shells of ceramic that are custom made to fit directly over your teeth. They create a natural look whilst providing strength and resilience as that of natural tooth enamel. They are rigid material that last long and does not stain. To begin with, our dentists consult with our clients to find out what type of smile is required and to ensure they are suitable candidate for dental veneers. We will design the smile digitally and create a 3D preview model that can be checked by our clients from all angles for function and aesthetics. Our dentists Thornbury also provide in chair smile mock up that you can see the changes instantly.


Our ceramic laboratory is one of the first class dental laboratories in Melbourne. During your veneer treatment you will meet our professional ceramist.

Procedures Involved:

  • Often none or a thin layer from the enamel on front surface and biting edge of your tooth is trimmed.
  • The teeth are scanned and sent to technician.
  • Temporary veneers are fabricated and cemented.
  • Fine changes or adjustments can be made to the temporary veneers.
  • Final veneers are produced and then cemented on to your teeth in another appointment a few days after.

Types of Veneers

Composite Veneers

Composite veneers are made out of composite materials and are effective at improving the appearance of discoloured, damaged and improperly-aligned teeth. While porcelain veneers require at least two appointments, composite veneers can be done in just one appointment and are cheaper/less costly. A tooth coloured filling material that is matching the shade of your natural tooth is applied to the tooth surface. It is then sculpted in your mouth to get the preferred aesthetic appearance.

Similar to porcelain veneers we provide smile mock up or a 3D preview of your smile prior to treatment and you can see before and after.

If you are not pleased with the way your teeth look, our porcelain and composite veneers can be a good option. While both the types of veneers give you a beautiful smile, you can go with the one that suits your preferences.

Composite Veneers:

Some Advices

What Causes The Black Triangles Between Teeth?

Black triangles between teeth are very common dental issues amongst adults. They are small or large gaps between teeth that make your teeth look darker and smaller and therefore your smile looks older. Another common issue is that food gets stuck in the gap. Patients often complain that they are afraid of eating out with friends and family as they are worried about how much of food will remain between teeth after eating.

Here at Prime Dental Thornbury we provide high quality service to enhance your smile for a happier younger looking smile.

Some Advices

How Can I Make The Black Triangle Between My Teeth Disappear?

There are a few ways to fix this dental issue but mainly is dental veneers or bioclear system.

Bioclear Vs Veneers:

  • Bioclear is non-invasive procedure. No tooth preparation is required for bioclear system. Therefore, no anaesthetic needed.
  • Bioclear is faster and cheaper than dental veneers.
  • Bioclear is more efficient than dental veneers in closing these types of gaps between teeth.

If you would like to know more about our dental Veneers & Bioclear, call our dentists on (03) 9440 9430 and schedule an appointment for a consultation.

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