A Professional Team Committed TO YOU!

Welcome to Prime Dental Group. We offer full dental services to take care of you and your family. We are proud to offer quality dental care in Thornbury and surrounding areas.

Our clinic is established on principles of superior quality, trustworthy dental care services and patient education. We are conservative in our treatment plans that are based on sound, scientific evidence and customised in the way that works best for you.

Our professional kindhearted dental team works with our patients to approach dental care preventatively. Our dentists are committed to participating in continuing education courses so that we always bring you the most up-to-date advances that dentistry has to offer. We utilise advanced dental technologies to ensure more accuracy, faster recovery and gentle treatments. We strive to be a knowledgeable and reliable resource and never compromise on giving the community the best when it comes to dental care.

We work hard to offer a friendly, relaxed atmosphere where you can feel comfortable while receiving your treatment. Our caring professionals treat patients the way we would treat family and friends.

We do offer wide range of services from general dentistry, wisdom teeth extractions, invisalign aligner, inmanaligner, dental implant, advanced cosmetics, veneers and full mouth rehabilitation.

Our Team

Flora Entezami Doctor Dental Surgeon

Dr Flora is the Prime Dental Group’s principal dentist. She has extensive training in her field and years of knowledge and experience to provide to her patients.

She is skilled in various dental services and techniques, ranging from general and cosmetic dentistry to full-mouth reconstructions. Between her vast skills and expertise, you can trust you are in good hands here. Since graduation in 2003 with D.D.S. degree from IUMS University, she has achieved numerous international and Australian qualifications in delivering advanced dental procedures. She has years of experience in practicing dentistry and teaching. Her research about oral pathological lesions and cancer is a valuable reference to Uni dental students.

Dr Flora highly values educating her patients by providing the latest information to help maintaining their oral health and well-being in healthy condition. She is a kindhearted person that genuinely cares about her patients. Dr Flora is a member of Australian Dental Association and registered dentist at AHPRA.

In Our team we also have lovely Dr Claudia as associate surgeon and Suzana as dental nurse who are both highly skilled, kind and caring.

To book appointment with our dentists please call us on 0394409430 or book online.

We sponsor “Yarra Foundation” who supports disadvantaged children and provides them with education and school facilities.