Dental Implants


Dental Implants

Our expert Thornbury dentists at Prime Dental Group are highly trained in dental implant services with over 10 years of experience in dental implants. We have done extensive education courses and training in dental implants to deliver the best of the world and latest in technology to our patients and we continuously participate in education programs to upgrade to latest in dental implants. Like all our other services we are highly sensitive in guiding and supporting our patients in their path through dental implant treatment.

We carefully and specifically consult our patients for dental implant explain all the options and sit together with our patient and tailor the best treatment plan for their dental implant which brings them back function, aesthetic, confidence and life quality.

Every dentist can place an implant but what makes your implant successful for years and years to be worth of your spent is the dentist’s skills, experience and knowledge in dental implants. We also are very careful educating our patient in how to look after their implants as we believe maintenance is important. Our implant service has been a very successful part of our services in our clinic. Our patients always appreciate our level of care when it comes to such a technical sensitive treatment as dental implant.

We are also highly trained in pre-implant treatment such as bone grafting and sinus lift with the latest technologies and materials.

Out implant services include: single implants, multiple implants, all on 4 implants and zygomatic implants and surely as mentioned bone grafting and sinus lift if also part of our skills that makes the implant possible for those who need this operations prior to their implants.

To consult with our expert dentist in PDG Thornbury dental clinic please contact us on 0394409430.

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