Crown & Bridge


Crown & Bridge

We at Prime Dental Group Thornbury dentist use our advanced knowledge of the latest materials and technologies in delivering our crown and bridges services. We make sure our patients encounter no complications and longest ever durability and stability from their crown and bridges.

We are very knowledgeable in teeth jaw and jaw joint anatomy and their collaborations. We design and plan your crowns and bridges to ensure they meet all standards of function, aesthetic and being practically fit in your tooth and mouth system.

When it comes to laboratory work we use highly accredited local dental laboratories. Our patients are amazed by the extent of our laboratories facilities and skills when they go there for a tour.

Like our other services we value educating our patients for their crown and bridges to ensure they enjoy this service for years and years long.

To consult with our expert dentist in PDG Thornbury dental clinic please contact us on 0394409430.