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Our dentists at Prime Dental Group Thornbury use our advanced knowledge of the latest materials and technologies in delivering our crown and bridges services. We make sure our patients encounter no complications and longest ever durability and stability from their crown and bridges.

When it comes to laboratory work we use highly accredited local dental laboratories. Our patients are amazed by the extent of our laboratories facilities and skills when they go there for a tour.

We are very knowledgeable in teeth, jaw and jaw joint anatomy and their collaborations. We design and plan your crowns and bridges to ensure they meet all standards of function, aesthetic and being practically fit in your tooth and mouth system. Our dentists are very conservative in delivering their service and they aim to preserve as much natural tooth structure as possible.

Like our other services we value educating our patients for their crown and bridges to ensure they enjoy this service for years and years long.

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What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is a cap and can be made with different materials such as porcelain, zirconia or metal. They are custom made and designed to be similar to shape and colour of your tooth. A crown is cemented over the tooth and they enhance strength, function, shape and size of your tooth.

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What are the benefits of a dental crown?

Here at Prime Dental Thornbury we provide high quality service to enhance your smile for a happier younger looking smile.

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What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a fixed non removable option to replace one or more missing teeth. To fill the gap between your teeth we can close or bridge the gap by using adjacent teeth to the gap. A bridge is permanently cemented on the teeth next to gap area using dental crowns.

crowns and bridges

What are benefits of dental bridges?

  • Enhance smile and appearance
  • Restore function and chewing ability
  • Improves speaking ability
  • Maintain the harmony between jaws, teeth and facial muscles.
  • Maintain bite and occlusion by preventing the movement of the remaining natural teeth towards the gap.

What does the crown and bridge treatment involve?

We need to appointments to complete the crown or bridge treatment.

In the first appointment the tooth receiving crown or the supporting teeth for a bridge work will be prepared. This preparation is to make room to accommodate the crown or bridge materials and to ensure that the crown and bridge is functional with no interference in dentition and aesthetic.

The dentist then takes impression or scan which is used to make the crown or bridge.

In the second appointment the crown or bridge will be inserted using dental cement. Your bite will be checked and instruction on how to look after the crown or bridge will be provided.

For further information on crown or bridge or to book appointment with our Thornbury dentist please call us on 03 94409430 or book online.

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