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Do you have any problem with your oral health? Looking for a dentist near me in Preston? You are in luck. As a premier provider of dental treatments, the Prime Dental Group has been serving the community across Preston and the surrounding suburbs with all their general dentistry needs.

Our dental clinic specialises in all sorts of cosmetic, restorative and preventive dental procedures.

Our Dental Staff here at Prime Dental Group are very friendly and professional.


We Specialise In The Following Dental Treatments:

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Teeth Whitening Preston

Achieving a brighter and whiter smile is easy, simple and cost-effective at the Prime Dental Group. We deploy safe and state of the art teeth whitening techniques that promise whiter teeth and great results.

Veneers Preston

If you have a crooked, discoloured, chipped or broken tooth or gaps in between your teeth, you are a candidate for the dental veneers. Made either of the composite or porcelain material, our dental veneers and dentures give your teeth a natural look.

Root Canal Treatment Preston

The root canal treatment is recommended to those patients with toothache, deep decay, chips and cracks on their teeth affecting nerve health inside teeth. This treatment can save your natural teeth without any need for having dental implants or bridges.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Preston

If there is no sufficient space in your mouth for your wisdom tooth to erupt or if partially erupted it would lead to potential dental problems. We will evaluate the position of your wisdom tooth and remove it under appropriate anaesthesia to ensure patient comfort.

Dental Implants Preston

A missing tooth not only can affect your speech, bite and eating ability but can also affect your overall health. While there are so many options available to replace your missing tooth, placing a dental implant seems to be a perfect solution as it acts like your natural tooth.

Invisalign Preston

Are you afraid of conventional brackets and wires but want to achieve that picture-perfect smile? You would not go wrong with invisalign. It is invisible, comfortable, removable and can be customised for your teeth.

Children’s Dentistry Preston

We have completed specialised training and courses in the field of children’s dentistry and have the facility to address children’s dental health need.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment with us, we invite you to call us at 03 9440 9430.

Do you want to have the smile of your dreams?