Why Do Your Gums Bleed When Brushing?

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Do you ever notice your gums bleed while brushing? Ever happened to you? Mostly bleeding gums are the result of poor hygiene and weak gums. Sometimes it can be a sign of a serious underlying condition. If you are bleeding while cleaning your teeth, you may need to visit the dentist in Thornbury immediately. They will diagnose the teeth condition and gums to find out the issue that’s causing this condition. In today’s blog, let’s list out the possible scenarios on why your gums bleed.

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Gingivitis is a condition that happens to people with poor hygiene. When the buildup is on the gums, your gums will become tender and prone to bleeding when brushed forcibly or harshly. It’s important to check and remove the residue or any buildup on the gums to avoid your gums from getting swollen. If gingivitis is not treated properly, it may even lead to tooth loss and severe decay.

Wrong Brushing Technique

People assume that brushing vigorously or forcibly cleaning their teeth is the bet. But that’s not the truth. They instead weaken the gums and put you at risk of developing a gum recession. So you might need to get a soft-bristled toothbrush and gently clean your teeth.

Loose Dentures

Wearing incorrect or loose dentures can also cause your gums to become swollen, red, and tender. Also, people who don’t take away their dentures are prone to have weaker gums. So, if your wear dentures, make sure it fit you properly as it helps in preventing the buildup of plaque and gum inflammation.

Other Factors

Sometimes pregnant women also have bleeding gums due to hormonal changes. They experience pain, itchiness, redness, and swollen gums. So, you must take care of your gums by practicing good oral hygiene and having regular dental visits to your nearby dentist in ThornburyIn other cases, blood thinning medications, diseases like liver disorders, anaemia, leukaemia, and improper diet can also cause your gums to bleed.

If you have no idea what causes your gums to bleed, consult with the Thornbury dentists from Prime Dental Group at (03) 9440 9430 today.

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