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Despite proper dental care, millions of people suffer tooth loss due to tooth decay, injury or periodontal disease. For many years, dentures and bridges were the only treatment options available for people with missing teeth. Today, dental implants have come to your rescue. For dental implants in Bundoora, you can count on Prime Dental Group. With many years of experience in dentistry, our Bundoora dentists provide the very best treatment and care to our patients while emphasising on their well-being.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are nothing but a small titanium screw that serves as a replacement for the root section of a missing tooth. They provide a strong foundation for removable or fixed replacement teeth that are made to match your natural teeth.

What Does The Procedure Involve?

Complete Assessment:

During your first visit to our dental clinic near me in Bundoora, we will perform a complete assessment of your oral health to know the conditions of your jawbone and teeth. If required, we will also take 3D images of your mouth to plan your treatment and show you the predicted result. If you are satisfied with the expected result, we will schedule an appointment to place the implants.

Placement Of Implants:

Placing dental implants is a minimally invasive procedure that involves numbing the site with a local anaesthetic and drilling a small hole to place the implant screw. The implanted area is left to heal which can take anywhere between three to six months.

Addition Of Healing Cap:

Once the implanted area has fully healed and the implants have become integrated with the surrounding tissue, we will add a cap to the implant fixture.

Fixing Replacement Tooth:

At your final appointment, our dentist Bundoora will fix your replacement tooth over the implant’s cap. Before you leave our office, we will also check if the tooth functions comfortably.

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