Dentist Bundoora

From placing aesthetic crowns, extracting wisdom tooth and straightening of teeth to the professional care of kids’ teeth, Prime Dental Group can fulfil all your dental needs. Serving patients across Bundoora and the surrounding suburbs, we provide a comprehensive range of dental care that is reliable and affordable.

We Can Help You With:

Check-up Scale & Clean Bundoora:

Please refer spacial offers page.

Teeth Whitening Bundoora:

If you feel that your teeth are not looking at their best, you could benefit from our teeth whitening treatments. Whether you choose in-office or at-home teeth whitening procedure, you can attain the best results.

Veneers Bundoora:

Want to reshape your teeth or improve the colour of your stained teeth? Our porcelain veneers and braces can be a viable option. As an alternative to dental crowns, veneers are an effective solution to several dental conditions.

Root Canal Bundoora:

When the pulp within the tooth gets infected due to a fracture or deep cavity, you may require root canal treatment therapy. This procedure involves removing the infected pulp, filling the gap with special fillers and placing a crown over it.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Bundoora:

Inadequate spaces in your mouth will have a great impact on the position of your wisdom tooth removal, which may contribute to the damage and infection of adjacent teeth. To prevent this, we recommend having wisdom teeth removal done.

Dental Implants Bundoora:

A dental implant is simply an artificial root to which a crown, denture or a bridge is attached. The bone around the implant grows, making the implant a strong foundation for performing a restorative procedure.

Invisalign Bundoora:

At Prime Dental Group, we recommend Invisalign to those patients who are looking for an effective yet contemporary way to straighten their misaligned teeth.

Children’s Dentistry Bundoora:

We have a team of highly skilled dentists who place a strong emphasis on the proper maintenance of care of your child’s teeth. Our dentists educate children as well as advise parents on trauma prevention, disease prevention and important aspects of oral hygiene.

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