Free consultation, payment plan available

( limited time)

Checkup, Scale & Clean


limited time

(offer not available for bookings via health engine website)

Checkup, clean and 2 X-rays


( offer not available for bookings via health engine website)



On all dental treatments

(limited time)

Teeth Whitening Kit


On gap for private insurance holders

(limited time)

Home kit bleaching / teeth whitening


limited time

(offer not avilable for bookings via health engine website)

No Gap Checkup, Scale And Clean For Private Insurance Holders

No offer can be used in conjunction/combinatoin with other offers
(only one offer can be used for each treatment/visit)
Healthcare Finance and interest free payment plan by instalment available.

Bring a new patient and receive a $20 gift voucher for your next visit.


Extra Discount
For health care card holders and seniors
Children Bulked Billed

Medicare Child dental benefits available

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