Preventive Dentistry

An essential part of our dental practice is preventive dentistry. It is our mission and professional responsibility to keep healthy teeth healthy. On the same token, we make every effort to treat and rehabilitate unhealthy teeth in order to achieve dental wellness. Dental health is an important precursor for cosmetic dentistry, dental implants and even orthodontic treatment. It is important to note that we emphasize the need to have a routine exam and cleaning (at least) every six months with us in order to provide the best preventative care possible.

Dental Emergencies


Despite taking every measure to prevent them, dental emergencies will happen on occasion. It is important for our office to accommodate our patients when an emergency occurs. If one of our patient’s is in immediate need, we will make it a priority to treat him or her. Of course regular exams (at least every six months) are the best way to prevent unwanted emergencies. A dental emergency can occur at any time, and quick treatment is often crucial to eliminate pain, save a tooth or fight an infection. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 94409430. If a dental emergency occurs while the office is closed, the telephone recording will provide you with further instructions.

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