If you experience any pain around your wisdom tooth, then you have to get it removed. For wisdom tooth removal, you can count on Prime Dental Group, a leading dental clinic near Templestowe. We offer wisdom tooth extraction to patients in Templestowe and the surrounding suburbs at the most competitive prices. Our dentist will help you understand everything about the process and make the session a pleasant experience for you.

Why Should You Get Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth that usually develop during late teens or early 20s. For some people, wisdom teeth will develop normally, but for others they either erupt partially or remain stuck and get impacted. The impacted wisdom tooth becomes difficult to clean and prone to decay. Recurrent infections, formation of cysts and severe pain are other problems that you may experience with impacted wisdom tooth. To avoid going through these complications, it is a great idea to get wisdom tooth removal.

Wisdom Tooth Removal Procedure:

When you visit our dental clinic, our dentist near Templestowe will conduct a thorough inspection of your mouth and even take X-Rays to determine the position and angle of the tooth. We will give you an injection of local anaesthesia to numb the area around the tooth to be removed. If the tooth has not emerged out, we will make an incision to gain access to the tooth and will rock it to and fro for easier removal. Sutures will be made for quick healing.

How To Know If You Need Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Get wisdom tooth removal from Prime Dental Group if you experience any of the following symptoms.

  • Severe pain around the backside of your mouth
  • Fluid filled sacs or cysts
  • Repeated infection of tissue near the wisdom tooth
  • Gum disease
  • Damage to adjacent teeth
  • Extensive tooth decay

If you feel that you may require wisdom tooth removal, call (03) 9440 9430 and schedule an appointment with our dentist today.