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Are you unhappy with your smile? Looking to have a naturally-sparkling smile? If yes, you can opt for dental veneers from Prime Dental Group. Being one of the most preferred cosmetic dentistry procedures, veneers can easily conceal a wide range of dental issues, including gapped teeth, chipped teeth, oddly shaped teeth, crooked teeth, discoloured teeth, misaligned teeth and more. As a reputable dental clinic near me in Ivanhoe, we have invested in advanced dental technologies that allow us to provide our clients with a flawless smile.

Types Of Veneers Available:

At Prime Dental Group, we are currently using two types of veneers to correct the flawed smile of our clients – porcelain veneers and composite veneers.

Porcelain Veneers Ivanhoe:

During your first appointment with our dentist near me in Ivanhoe, we will provide complete information about the procedure. Upon your approval, we will prepare your teeth and capture impressions to send them to a dental lab where your final veneers will be created. We will also place the temporary veneers that allow you to test drive your new smile.

A team of experienced ceramists will custom-create your veneers that look as perfect as your natural tooth. During your second appointment, we will remove the temporary veneers and cement the permanent ones in place, giving you a smile that you have always been dreaming for.

Composite Veneers Ivanhoe:

When it comes to composite veneers, our Ivanhoe dentist will scrape off a small amount of enamel and apply a composite material to the teeth. Then, we will cure, polish and shape the veneer to achieve the desired look. The process of getting composite veneers is fairly simple and can be completed in just one visit to our Ivanhoe dental clinic.

If you feel that our dental veneers can be a viable solution for your tooth imperfection, call 0434 272 547 and schedule an appointment with us today.

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