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A tooth’s pulp can become infected, inflamed or irritated due to repeated dental procedures on a tooth, large filling, deep decay, trauma, crack or chip in the tooth. When the pulp is severely infected, it causes extreme pain around the tooth, which radiates to jaw and face. Root canal therapy is performed when the pulp becomes infected or damaged. If you are living in Fairfield and are looking for a recognised dental clinic to get root canal treatment, you can visit Prime Dental Group. Our dental clinic near me in Fairfield is well-equipped and has a team of endodontists who perform this treatment to the highest standard.

What Does The Procedure Involve?


The first stage of the treatment process is the consultation that involves thorough assessment of your oral health and determining your suitability for the therapy. If required, we will take X-rays to see how far the infection has spread.


This involves drilling a small access hole on the top of the tooth under local anaesthesia. Then, our dentist near me in Fairfield will remove the infected pulp and flush out the debris using anti-bacterial solution. Once the area has been thoroughly cleaned, a filling material is placed in the chamber and it is sealed. To add to the shape, strength and functionality of the tooth, a crown is also placed over the treated tooth.


Once healed, you can enjoy your new tooth that helps complete your beautiful smile, restore your ability to eat and give you that confidence boost.

Why Should You Get Root Canal Treatment?

  • Natural tooth can be saved
  • Cost-effective option to save your natural tooth
  • Visually appealing results
  • Stops the spread of infection
  • You can be free of pain and infection
  • Virtually pain-free procedure
  • Improved and comfortable biting, chewing & smiling
  • Improve overall health

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Root Canal Treatment Fairfield