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Nobody wants to get the news that they need tooth extraction. If you leave your infected tooth untreated, it could get so worse and the only solution left would be losing your natural tooth. Here at Prime Dental Group, we will help relieving the discomfort and retaining your natural smile through root canal therapy. With many years of experience in the industry, our endodontists have been providing root canal treatment to the patients across Clifton Hill and the surrounding suburbs for many years now. Our root canal procedure is highly successful and even last a lifetime with proper dental hygiene.

What Does The Treatment Involve?

  • During your appointment with our dentist near me in Clifton Hill, we will begin the procedure by making a small access hole on the top of the infected tooth.
  • Then, the infected material is removed using special dental equipment. Once the pulp is removed, the inside of the tooth is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
  • Following this, our dentist will place the permanent filling material to fill the space and then seal it.
  • Finally, a crown is placed on the top of the crown to restore the strength and functionality of your original tooth.

In our dental clinic near me in Clifton Hill, we perform this entire procedure under local anaesthesia, ensuring the comfort of our patients.

Signs You Need Root Canal Treatment:

  • Toothache radiating to your jaw, face and other teeth
  • Sensitivity to cold and heat
  • Pain when eating or touching your teeth
  • Chipped or cracked tooth
  • Swollen gums & jaw
  • Tooth discolouration
  • Loose tooth
  • Broken tooth filling
  • Dental trauma
  • Severe gum disease

There are several myths floating around about root canal procedure. Don’t let them scare you away from ensuring your well-being. Call our Clifton Hill dental clinic on 03 9440 9430 immediately and schedule an appointment today. Our Clifton Hill dentist team can restore your oral health to great condition.


Root Canal Treatment Clifton Hill