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A picture-perfect smile and straight teeth can have a positive impact on an individual’s well-being and confidence. If you are not blessed with a beautiful smile, why wouldn’t you consider having invisalign treatment? Popularly called as invisible braces, Invisalign is a set of clear aligners that can correct any misaligned teeth and deliver that great smile. If you are based in Mill Park and are looking for the best dental clinic, look no further than Prime Dental Group. With the right training and knowledge, we are able to implement this technology for our patients and help them achieve a beautiful smile in the shortest possible time.

What Does The Process Include?

The invisalign treatment process involves three steps:

Step 1 – Initial Assessment:

One of our experienced dentist will capture a 3D model of your teeth and craft a personalised invisalign treatment plan. Your dentist will demonstrate how your teeth look-like now and how they will be changed throughout the process using 3D videos. If you are feeling content in the way your smile looks, we will move on to the next step.

Step 2 – Making Of Customized Aligners:

This is the most critical stage in the invisalign process wherein aligners are custom-made from flexible plastic using 3D model of your teeth. The aligner will be replaced with a new aligner every 1-2 weeks in accordance with the transformation of your smile.

Step 3 – Replacement of Invisalign Braces:

As a patient, you are expected to wear your aligner trays throughout the day except during your meal times and while carrying out oral-care activities. On an average, the invisible trays should be worn for up to 22 hours per day. As the aligners move your crooked or misaligned teeth gradually to the appropriate position, it is also important to replace your invisalign every two weeks. If you strictly adhere to our treatment plan and advice of our dentist, you may get the expected results faster.

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