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Heard about the new invisible braces? Wondering what is all about? If you have crowded teeth, gapped teeth or shifted teeth and are wearing conventional train-track like braces, getting invisalign – the invisible braces, can be your best bet. Here at Prime Dental Group, we have well-trained dentists who specialise in correcting misaligned teeth of the people using invisalign aligners and giving them a beautiful smile. People with any orthodontic condition can visit our dental clinic near Clifton Hill to get their teeth aligned and achieve amazing new smiles.

What Makes Invisalign A Better Alternative To Traditional Braces?

  • As these aligners are almost invisible, no one can recognise that you are wearing invisalign, meaning that you can smile during and after treatment confidently.
  • Invisalign is removable, so you can eat and drink whatever you want. You can remove them while brushing, so it is a better option for practicing dental hygiene during treatment.
  • There are no sharp edges and metals involved, so invisalign does not cause any sort of discomfort even if you wear it for a long span of time.
  • The ease of use and conveniences of this tooth alignment device have made it the prominent choice for most people who are longing for amazing smiles.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Using the latest advancements in 3D computer technology, our dentists in Clifton Hill create a series of bespoke removable mouth aligners. These invisible trays apply a little pressure on your teeth and move them gradually to the desired position.

For the best results, we recommend our Clifton Hill patients to wear them at least for 22 hours a day. Also, we insist them to get their invisalign replaced every two weeks until the desired result is achieved.

If you have any orthodontic condition, we invite you to visit our dental clinic or call us on (03) 9440 9430 to schedule an appointment. Let’s free you from wearing awkward metal braces!

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