Prime Dental Group takes pride in providing quality dental care to the patients across Templestowe and the surrounding suburbs at unbeatable prices. Our dentists near Templestowe provide treatment plans tailored to the specific needs of our patients to ensure positive outcomes.

We Can Help You With:

Teeth Whitening Templestowe:

Overtime, your teeth appear darker or get stained from foods such as coffee, tea, soy sauce, fruit juices, red wine etc. We always adopt a safe and simple procedure to provide a great lift to the overall appearance of your smile.

Veneers Templestowe:

Veneers are thin, tooth-coloured shell bonded to the front of the tooth to improve smile aesthetics. We have both porcelain and composite resin veneers that can be used to mask all sorts of imperfections, rejuvenate dull looking teeth, straighten smiles and hide small gaps.

Root Canal Templestowe:

If the pulp of your tooth becomes infected, you may experience increased sensitivity to temperature, severe pain, discolouration, swelling and gum tenderness. Our root canal therapy alleviates all these symptoms and helps saving the natural tooth.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Templestowe:

If you experience severe pain around the backside of your mouth, it might be due to impacted wisdom tooth. We recommend removing your impacted wisdom tooth as it might lead to several other oral issues.

Dental Implants Templestowe:

Dental implants are artificial tooth that can be used to replace a single or multiple missing teeth. If you are suffering a tooth loss, visit our dental clinic near Templestowe to get bespoke dental implants.

Invisalign Templestowe:

People with misaligned tooth can opt for invisalign procedure which involves wearing invisible braces that move the teeth to a better position gradually and provide beautiful smile that you will definitely feel proud to show off.

Children’s Dentistry Templestowe:

We have a team of paediatric dentists who are trained to take care of dental complications in kids and teens. Taking your child to a kids’ dentist regularly helps preventing future dental problems.

To schedule an appointment with our dentist in Templestowe, call 03 9440 9430 and get in touch with us today.