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Prime Dental Group is committed to providing comprehensive dental care to the patients in Greensborough and the surrounding suburbs. Using the latest dental technologies and their expertise, our dentists near me can address any dental problems you have and can come up with a personalised treatment for you.

We Can Help You With:

Check-up Scale & Clean Greensborough:

Please refer spacial offers page.

Teeth Whitening Greensborough:

Worried about the discolouration of your teeth? Want to enhance the beauty of your smile? Our teeth whitening treatment is a non-invasive dental procedure that restores the natural colour of your tooth enamel in a short span of time.

Veneers Greensborough:

Our porcelain veneers are a popular choice for those with gapped, misshaped, chipped, discoloured, stained or crooked teeth. Veneers and braces and dentures adhere to the front side of your teeth to give them a natural look.

Root Canal Greensborough:

In order to save your infected or decayed tooth, you may need root canal treatment therapy. This treatment involves the removal of decay, infected pulp, nerves and bacteria. Following this, a special dental material is used to fill in the resulting space and a crown is placed over it for added protection.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Greensborough:

Wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure that is recommended to those patients who don’t have enough space for the wisdom teeth to erupt properly.

Dental Implants Greensborough:

Our dental implants offer a permanent yet secure way to replace your missing teeth. The implant-supported replacement tooth looks and function like your natural tooth.

Invisalign Greensborough:

Having misaligned teeth, but not willing to wear those annoying metal braces? Then, having custom-designed invisalign can be a good option. It straightens your teeth gradually and helps you achieve the smile that you have been dreaming of.

Children’s Dentistry Greensborough:

Is your child suffering from any dental problem? Or want a routine dental check-up? We can help. From preventive measures through to the specialised treatments, we can ensure the ultimate comfort of your kids throughout the session.

For any questions you have, feel free to call our dental clinic on 03 9440 9430. We provide general dentistry would be delighted to hear from you.