Today’s dental technologies help fixing chipped, stained, dentures broken or poorly aligned teeth. There are several choices available that help you smile with confidence. If you or your kid has been facing any dental complications and you need a reliable dentist near me in Fitzroy, you can approach Prime Dental Group. Serving patients across Fitzroy and the surrounding suburbs, we can provide the best treatment for the following dental conditions:

Check-up Scale & Clean Fitzroy:

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Teeth Whitening Fitzroy:

Teeth are stained by drinks and foods we consume. Smoking and chewing tobacco also causes discolouration of teeth. Regardless of the degree of whiteness you want to achieve, we can lighten the shade of your teeth and improve their brightness by using the appropriate teeth whitening and orthodontist technique.

Veneers Fitzroy:

Veneers are made either of porcelain or composite material and are used prominently for treating chipped, stained and poorly-aligned front teeth. As they are very thin and bonded using special glue, they make your teeth looking natural.

Root Canal Fitzroy:

Infected tooth can be incredibly painful. At Prime Dental Group, we recommend root canal treatment that involves removing the infected pulp and sealing the gap with fillings. We also place a crown over it to provide added protection and strength to the tooth.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Fitzroy:

If you experience severe pain, infection or swelling around the gum covering the wisdom tooth, it is worthwhile to have your wisdom tooth removed. When you ignore these symptoms, it would lead to cyst formation and damages to adjacent teeth as well.

Dental Implants Fitzroy:

Installing dental implants is a complex procedure, which is why you must trust the dentists at the Prime Dental Group to get your missing teeth replaced. Our dental implants offer you the opportunity to restore your missing teeth and improve your overall oral health.

Invisalign Fitzroy:

An appealing smile can make you feel relaxed and happy. Our Invisalign clear aligners can help treating a variety of misaligned dental problems and help you maintain a proper oral hygiene.

Children’s Dentistry Fitzroy:

We believe that every child is unique and deserves personalised dental care. Our experienced team is here to ensure that your child’s visit to our dental clinic remains a positive one.

If you want to know more about our dental procedures, feel free to call us at 03 9440 9430.