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If you are looking for a reliable dental clinic near Fairfield, come to Prime Dental Group. Serving patients across Fairfield and the surrounding suburbs, we offer a wide range of dental procedures, including cosmetic, orthodontic, restorative, endodontic and surgical treatments under one roof. Our experts have immense knowledge in the industry and are able to provide world-class treatments at competitive prices.

Our dental clinic specialises in all sorts of cosmetic, restorative and preventive dental procedures.

Our Dental Staff here at Prime Dental Group are very friendly and professional.


We Specialise In The Following Dental Treatments:

Check-Up Scale & Clean Fairfield

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Teeth Whitening Fairfield

Achieving a brighter and whiter smile is easy, simple and cost-effective at the Prime Dental Group. We deploy safe and state of the art teeth whitening techniques that promise whiter teeth and great results.

Veneers Preston

If you have a crooked, discoloured, chipped or broken tooth or gaps in between your teeth, you are a candidate for the dental veneers. Made either of the composite or porcelain material, our dental veneers and dentures give your teeth a natural look.

Some Of Them Include:

Teeth Whitening Fairfield:

Despite great care, our teeth will start to discolour eventually due to the foods and drinks we consume. Our professional teeth whitening treatment can transform your smile and restore the whiteness of your teeth as quickly as possible.

Veneers Fairfield:

The go-to treatment for a discoloured, badly-worn, broken, crooked or gapped tooth is dental veneers. Used exclusively to achieve complete makeover, our custom-made veneers are bonded to the front of your teeth. The colour of the veneers will be matched to your natural tooth for the best results.

Root Canal Fairfield:

If your tooth is decayed, damaged or infected, root canal treatment can save it. We have experienced endodontists who perform root canal therapy to the highest standard and help protecting your natural tooth which otherwise would need to be removed.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Fairfield:

If your wisdom tooth has not come through the gum, you may need wisdom tooth removal. This procedure involves making incision on the gum to gain access to the tooth in question. The tooth will be pulled out after giving you local anaesthesia, so the entire process will be completely no-free.

Dental Implants Fairfield:

If you have suffered from tooth loss due to decay, gum disease or trauma, having dental implants at Prime Dental Group could be the right choice. Our dental implants will be matched to your own teeth, so they look as natural as your real teeth.

Invisalign Fairfield:

One of the most effective treatments for misaligned teeth is Invisalign. They are invisible braces that you need to wear until you achieve the expected results. As the teeth will move on their appropriate position gradually, these braces should be changed every two weeks.

Children’s Dentistry Fairfield:

If your kids are in need of any dental treatment, you can visit Prime Dental group. We have dentists specialised in paediatric dentistry, so regardless of the oral condition that your kids have been suffering from, we can provide the right treatment for your little ones.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment with us, we invite you to call 03 9440 9430 and talk to one of our dentist near Fairfield today.

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