Dentist Brunswick

preventive-dentistryPrime Dental Group, specialised in preventive, cosmetic dentist and restorative dentistry, has been providing complete dental care treatments to the residents across Brunswick and the surrounding suburbs. With a commitment to provide our clients with long-lasting solutions, we have invested in the latest dental technologies that enable us to promise satisfactory results.

We Specialise In The Following Dental Treatments:

Check-up Scale & Clean Brunswick:

Please refer spacial offers page.

Teeth Whitening Brunswick:

Discolourations to your teeth can be caused by ageing, staining or chemical damages. We use the latest in teeth whitening technology and create a brilliant, sparkling smile that you will feel proud to show off.

Veneers – Porcelain & Composite Brunswick:

We have custom-made veneers  and braces that are intended to cover the front side of the teeth. Made of tooth-coloured porcelain or composite materials. veneers can treat chipped, discoloured, crooked and gaped teeth.

Root Canal Brunswick:

If your tooth pulp gets infected, the infection could spread through the root canal of your tooth. We have extensive skills and equipment utilised in performing root canal treatment that involves removing the infection from the root canal and then cleaning and filling it to prevent further infection.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Brunswick:

If you don’t have enough room for your wisdom tooth to erupt, it can be uncomfortable, and can even damage your adjacent teeth or create a space where food gets trapped. All these issues would end up with infection and decay. This is why we recommend having wisdom teeth removal after evaluating your tooth condition.

Dental Implants Brunswick:

The person who lost his teeth can regain the ability to eat, speak and smile with confidence by having dental implants done. These implants provide a foundation for an artificial replacement tooth and support for placing crowns, dentures and bridges.

Invisalign Brunswick:

Invisalign, a series of clear, removable aligners, is an invisible way to align your teeth without any metal wires and braces. Using advanced computer imaging technology, we custom-design Invisalign that helps straightening your teeth in a short while when compared to other teeth straightening procedures.

Children’s Dentistry Brunswick:

Experienced in children’s dentistry, we provide a full-array of dental treatments that your child may require at some point. Our dental clinic is kid’s friendly and has an ambience that creates significant comfort for your child.

With a full range of general dentistry dental care solutions available at your disposal, you can stop your search for a dentist near me. Give us a call at 03 9440 9430 and schedule your appointment today.