When it comes to getting dental crowns and bridges in Watsonia, you can count on Prime Dental Group. Serving patients across Watsonia and the surrounding suburbs for many years now, we use these procedures to treat a variety of dental problems such as chipped tooth, broken tooth, damaged tooth, misshapen tooth and discoloured tooth. This procedure will also work out if you have one or more missed teeth.

Dental Crowns Watsonia:

A dental crown is nothing but a cap which is cemented on to the tooth to provide added protection and strength. It does not include any root portion, but is designed to cover the entire tooth’s outer surface. Before placing the crown, a little amount of tooth’s enamel is scraped off to ensure comfort and a perfect fit. In our dental clinic near Watsonia, we fabricate dental crowns using porcelain, zirconium or any appropriate metal.

Dental Bridges Watsonia:

A bridge is a series of crowns with a false tooth called a pontic and crowns on either side. We will take the digital impression of your mouth which will be used to fabricate a custom bridge. It will be fixed in a way that the false tooth sits at the gap created by the missed tooth with crowns being placed over the adjacent teeth on either side.

What Makes Crowns & Bridges A Viable Option?

  • Promote balanced bites
  • Eliminate unsightly gaps
  • Reduces pain caused by a cracked tooth
  • Prevent cracks from progressing
  • Improve the aesthetics of your damaged teeth
  • Offer strength and stability to your deteriorated tooth
  • Enhance your smile and overall appearance
  • Improve speaking & chewing ability
  • Maintain perfect balance between teeth, jaws and facial muscles
  • Improve occlusion and ease pain from TMJ disorder

If you would like to know whether you are the right candidate or not, you can call (03) 9440 9430 and schedule an appointment with our dentist in Watsonia for a dental examination. Let’s get the procedure done perfectly and help you smile with confidence.