If you have a missing, damaged, discoloured, misshapen, chipped or cracked tooth, you may need a dental crown or bridge. We, at Prime Dental Group, have been providing dental crowns and bridges to the patients across Clifton Hill and the surrounding suburbs at competitive prices. All of our dentists are highly experienced and are trained to use advanced dental technologies to provide the best possible treatment for our customers.

Dental Crowns Clifton Hill:

Often referred to as caps, crowns cover the entire tooth, concealing defects such as discolouration, decay, chips, cracks and fillings. Made from porcelain, zirconium or an appropriate metal, they can also be used to support a dental bridge which is used to fill the gap created by a missing tooth. Before placing the crown, a little bit of the tooth’s enamel is scraped off to ensure the perfect fit and comfort.

Dental Bridges Clifton Hill:

A bridge is a false tooth positioned between two crowns which slot over the adjacent teeth on either side of the missing tooth. The bridge is usually made from porcelain and is matched to suit the shape, size, shade of your natural tooth. This is a long-lasting alternative to dentures and an effective way to replace one or more lost teeth in a row.

What Makes Crowns & Bridges A Viable Option?

  • Promote balanced bites
  • Eliminate unsightly gaps
  • Reduces pain caused by a cracked tooth
  • Prevent cracks from progressing
  • Improve the aesthetics of your damaged teeth
  • Offer strength and stability to your deteriorated tooth
  • Enhance your smile and overall appearance
  • Improve speaking & chewing ability
  • Maintain perfect balance between teeth, jaws and facial muscles
  • Improve occlusion and ease pain from TMJ disorder

For any questions or queries you may have about dental crowns and bridges, feel free to call (03) 9440 9430 and get in touch with us today.