If you are looking for an effective dental procedure that can correct the aesthetic appearance and tooth loss, crowns and bridges can be a feasible solution for you. Serving patients across Bulleen and the surrounding suburbs, the dentists at Prime Dental Group use dental crowns and bridges to revamp their oral health, function and appearance. This procedure is so versatile that it can be used to correct broken, chipped, cracked, discoloured or misshapen tooth. We have helped hundreds of patients across Bulleen regain confidence in their smile after tooth loss by performing this procedure.

Dental Bridges Bulleen:

A dental bridge is a series of dental crowns with a false tooth to fill the gap formed by an extracted or missing tooth. We, at Prime Dental Group, use high-quality porcelain material to fabricate bridges to ensure long-lasting results. In addition to filling the gap created by the missed tooth, bridges also blend naturally with your smile. It is attached to crowns on either side to support the adjacent teeth.

Dental Crowns Bulleen:

Dental crowns are nothing but a cap which is cemented on to the tooth that is weak or damaged. The tooth that has received root canal treatment can also be protected by placing a crown on it. We fabricate dental crowns using porcelain, zirconia or appropriate metal in our laboratory using the impression taken from the patients to ensure perfect fit. Before cementing the crown, we will scrape off a little amount of enamel so that the crown strongly adheres to the tooth.

What Makes Crowns & Bridges A Viable Option?

  • Promote balanced bites
  • Eliminate unsightly gaps
  • Reduces pain caused by a cracked tooth
  • Prevent cracks from progressing
  • Improve the aesthetics of your damaged teeth
  • Offer strength and stability to your deteriorated tooth
  • Enhance your smile and overall appearance
  • Improve speaking & chewing ability
  • Maintain perfect balance between teeth, jaws and facial muscles
  • Improve occlusion and ease pain from TMJ disorder

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